Friday, 27 April 2012

KAPF Objection to Mansion House Licensing Application at 48 Kennington Park Road SE11 4RS

Premises and Entertainment Licence Application, The Mansion House, 48 Kennington Park Rd, SE11 4RS

Objection on behalf of the Kennington Association as to proposed permitted hours

Who we are

1 The Kennington Association is a voluntary membership association of upwards of 400 members drawn from the wider Kennington area, whose aim is to promote and maintain  Kennington as a good place to live and work. The Kennington Association Planning Forum (KAPF) is a group of Association members with interest in and experience of planning, development and licensing issues, which develops planning policies and makes planning and licensing representations on behalf of the wider Association.

Procedural Failings
2 The notice of application was initially posted inaccessibly, and, contrary to the express requirements of the notice, the proposed operating hours were not stated. Consequently, this application, for the re-opening of a public house, next to another, the Old Red Lion, did not attract much attention initially. Now that these deficiencies have been rectified, (proposed operating hours now added to the notice in another hand – see photograph), we and others have a proper basis for objection, and the Committee should be slow to disregard ostensibly late representations, when the 28 day notice period for display of all salient particulars was not properly observed.

Objection on grounds of Public Nuisance

3 The proposed opening hours for this reopened public house would be 7am till 4 am in the morning, every day. These vastly exceed those of the adjacent public house, the Old Red Lion ( 4pm till 11pm, Mon to Thursday, 4pm till midnight Fridays, noon till midnight Saturdays, and noon till 11pm Sundays), and are totally unacceptable for a residential area out of the local Kennington centre, with no local precedent for  such a late night economy.

4 As shown in the attached plan, the application site is on the Lambeth/Southwark boundary in a short parade of shops surrounded by dwellings, with a small park to its rear, a churchyard opposite it across Kennington Park Road, and the green curtilage of blocks of flats nearby. Given the efforts of Vauxhall interests to limit sales of alcohol in small quantities, to discourage street drinkers, such activity is being displaced in part to Kennington, and the combination of late night off sales and open space is likely to encourage nuisance drinking and other anti-social behaviour.

5 The aspiration for live and recorded music, on and off sales, pavement seating (whether the frontage on which they would be placed is private or the public pavement is not clear) and vastly extended hours add up to a serious nuisance to nearby residents unless the hours are significantly curbed, and stringent conditions are imposed. Having regard to Sections 5 and 9 of the Council’s Statement of Licensing Policy, we urge
  • That the late night hours permitted be no later than those for the adjacent Old Red Lion, and the earliest hours permitted should be 9 am
  • That no external music be permitted, and conditions be imposed as to full sound proofing (no music to be audible outside the premises) to prevent disturbance to neighbouring residential properties
  • That no drinking should be permitted outside the premises after 9 pm at night
  • That the operating statement should address the issue of outside smoking, as required by Para 5.7 of the Statement

D J Boardman                                                              27April 2012
Kennington Association Planning Forum
Flat 1
39 Chester Way
London SE11 4UR

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